Orzo and Kale Stuffed Squash


Delicata squash roasted and filled with a creamy garlicky sweet and spicy pasta in under 30 minutes. A killer side dish or vegetarian meal. It’s never too early to be planning that Thanksgiving feast either.



3 Delicata Squash, halved and deseeded

To deseed, use a big spoon and scrape out. This squash can be subbed out for most other squashes, but I love these little beauties.

1 1/2 C Orzo Pasta

6 C Kale, torn into small pieces

6 cloves garlic, minced

1/2 C Mascarpone cheese

2 T Butter

2 T Honey

Red Pepper Flakes

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Toasted walnuts, shaved Pecorino cheese, pepitas


Cookie sheet

Saute pan



  1. Take your squash halves and cut a very thin slice off the back to make a flat surface. You might only need to take off a coin-sized piece of the “bump.” Picture below.
  2. Drizzle with olive oil and salt. Roast at 475 degrees until fork-tender. This is about 20 minutes but it depends on the size and dryness of the squash. Don’t worry if it’s more or less- as long as a fork can get through.
Tip: This whole step can be done ahead of time. Warm up in oven or microwave, but be sure you don’t overcook – the squash needs to hold its shape. Doing ANYTHING you can ahead of time is my magic trick for dinner parties or really any meal. It lets you enjoy the party (and have a drink or two.)
  1. Boil orzo in salted water per package instructions. I always do a 7-minute timer for pasta and check for al dente doneness from there. Overcooked pasta is for babies and birds. You are neither of those things. Your guests likely are not either.
  2. Heat up the pan with large olive oil drizzle over medium heat. Add butter, kale, and garlic. Cook until wilted.
  3. About 2 minutes before orzo is finished cooking, add mascarpone to kale pan. Add honey and red pepper to taste.
  4. Add cooked orzo and about 1/2 cup pasta water. Mix to combine over medium heat. When water cooks out, fill squash with mixture.
TIP: Amp this up with Italian sausage or other sturdy vegetables. Sub out the orzo for farro, rice, or barley. Get creative.

Plate! Top each squash half with walnuts, pecorino cheese, and seasoned pepitas. Dig in! Scoop out squash as you are eating the pasta. It will melt in your mouth.



Because you NEED another excuse to eat more pasta. This is it! It’s squash season – gourds are great – you can buy them this week, forget you bought them, find them 2 weeks from now and STILL crush this dish. Plus, everyone gets their own cute little edible bowl with hardly any prep.

And did I mention? You get to eat mascarpone for dinner. Yassssssssss!

We hope you enjoy this as much as we do!

We showed you ours, now show us yours. Tag your sexy sustenance @properlyforked   OR   #properly forked


Recipe created and tested in Properly Forked kitchen.





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