All-The-Breakfast-Things Breakfast Muffins


Every good thing from the breakfast table – yogurt, eggs, even maple syrup – in a delicious little package.  You could fit in bacon if you were so inclined. Make them up Sunday to get you through the week. They are gluten-free, processed sugar-free, high-protein and a bunch of other buzzy health words that January always brings. MAKE THEM. Recipe for 24 muffins.



4 Extremely Ripe Bananas

When your counter bananas have gone too far, throw them in a freezer bag so you always have a stock for this recipe. Or go ask your grocery store produce guy. They always have them in the back if not on the floor. Pretty bananas will NOT work for this people.

4 Eggs

2 C Milk

2 C Plain Greek Yogurt

2/3 C Maple Syrup

4 tsp Vanilla Extract

6 C Rolled Oats

2 T Cinnamon

4 tsp Baking Soda

1/2 tsp Salt

2 C Finishes

Granola, Fresh Fruit, Dried Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, Cereal, Chocolate Chips, Bacon Pieces


2 Cupcake Tins (12 cups)

Paper Liners

Cooling Rack


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix oats and milk in large mixing bowl. Keep to the side to soak while working with other ingredients
  3. Mix remaining dry ingredients in separate bowl.
  4. Mash bananas in a third separate bowl. Mix in remaining wet ingredients with bananas.
  5. Combine all into mixing bowl with soaked oats.
  6. Line tins and spray liners with organic non-stick spray.
  7. Fill each cup almost to top. These muffins don’t rise much.
    TIP: Use an ice cream scoop for even-sized muffins and less mess.
  8. Combine all dry finishes in measuring cup. Spoon evenly across all 24 muffins. If using fresh fruit, lay on muffins before dry ingredients.
  9. Press down lightly on toppings with back of spoon to help toppings stick.
  10. Bake for 35-40 minutes.
    TIP: You won’t get a super clean pick through the done muffins like with regular cakes,since they are banana-based. They are done when a cake-tester shows a crumb.
  11. Remove from muffin tins and let cool on rack.


Because even though you are an adult, you need to trick yourself out of buying that doughnut on the way to work. If you’ve got to feed one person that hates blueberries and another who refuses to eat breakfast without bacon — you can make a few muffins with personalized toppings to keep everyone happy. You can use up whatever bottom-of-the-box cereal and leftover fruit you already have laying around. This means the same recipe gets dressed up like new –  week after week.

We showed you ours, now show us yours. Tag your sexy sustenance @properlyforked   OR   #properly forked


Recipe created and tested in Properly Forked kitchen.





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