Hot Lavender Rum Punch


When we saw the polar vortex rolling into town, we immediately went back to our vacation last month to Prague. We were walking the streets drinking “Hot Lavender Lemonade” as it was called – a honey-y, rummy lemon-y drink that packs a bigger punch than you’d expect. Alton Brown resurrected a recipe for the perfect punch as old as the British Navy itself. His proportions make any rum punch a breeze to make – even if you’re a bit hazy after drinking your first batch of said rum punch. So here’s something to get you through those -487 degree days ahead. Makes 8-10 servings.



6 fresh lemons (optional: 1 for garnish)

3/4 C turbinado sugar, or other non-white sugar

3/4 C water

1/2 C honey

3 T lavender

4 C unsweetened black tea

3 C dark rum


Medium Sauce Pan

Large Pot




Alton Brown’s proportions call for the following:

1 part sour – usually fresh lime juice, since it was the best cure for scurvy, obvi

2 parts sweet – usually demerara sugar

3 parts strong – the booze, hello

4 parts weak – left-over black tea, because the British

So, our adapted version for this Czech marvel goes as follows:

1 part sour – fresh lemon juice

2 parts sweet – lavender syrup & honey

3 parts strong – Czech dark rum

4 parts weak – unsweetened black tea

Now, let’s make it happen people.

    1. Mix sugar, lavender, and water in small sauce pan over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Turn off heat and let sit for 15 minutes.
    2. In large pot, juice 6 lemons and add bodies directly to pot after juicing.
    3. Add rum, honey and tea.
    4. Strain lavender syrup directly into punch mixture, removing lavender seeds.
    5. Heat to desired temperature and serve in warm mugs.


ENJOY feeling your face again!


Because an annoying impact of a broken leg is that you can’t (well, SHOULDN’T) drink while you’re on those good painkillers. So a sorry couple of weeks have been even sorrier at the Schneider house. When I saw the polar vortex in the forecast, I had all the motivation I needed to get off the meds so I could fall off the wagon. My leg might still be sore, but I’m warm and friggin toasty. Priorities.

We showed you ours, now show us yours. Tag your sexy sustenance @properlyforked   or   #properly forked
Recipe created and tested in Properly Forked kitchen.





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