Chicken Chili Verde

Since soup season doesn’t quit here in Michigan, we cooked up this quickie to get us through until fresh green things and berries make an appearance. This one takes about 40 mins and one pot. We are a toast with soup kinda family, but sometimes a melty-cheesy thing on the side is friggen’ necessary.

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Hot Lavender Rum Punch

When we saw the polar vortex rolling into town, we immediately went back to our vacation last month to Prague. We were walking the streets drinking “Hot Lavender Lemonade” as it was called – a honey-y, rummy lemon-y drink that packs a bigger punch than you’d expect. Alton Brown resurrected a recipe for the perfect […]

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Balsamic Sage Cranberry Sauce

It is a damn shame we wait until Thanksgiving day to eat the first cranberries. It’s never enough for me! But what else do they go with? How do you even COOK a cranberry that doesn’t come out of a can? Answer– Everything, and Easily. Spread on toast, or a roasted pork loin, or leftover […]

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Summer Spaghetti

This is the food I grew up eating. This is what I make for myself and my girlbabe when Dale is out of town. This is our summer fall-back on any lazy night.  It is pasta, a little bit of really good dairy, and the season’s best – that’s it. It’s the simple food people […]

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Lemony Avocado Pesto

We’ve been loving up on some citrus all winter. The brightness gets us through the grey doldrums when fresh veggies are few and far between. Avocados and citrus are made for each other in our pesto. They cozy up with all the vegetables for a go-to weeknight dinner. Get a big pot of water boiling and […]

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Heartiest Chicken Soup

This is the last chicken (or turkey) soup recipe you’ll need. No more overcooked carrots floating around or celery strings in your soup. The base is pureed so the only bites you get are the bites you want. Creamy, dreamy, simmered-all-day flavor in normal human time (and as low cal as you want to make […]

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